What We Do

Team of janitors cleaning office

Office Shine

We provide cleaning for offices, warehouse, factory, ceramic, commercial, daily office cleaning, builders cleans, rented properties, shops, public houses, holiday homes and hotels.

Yacht Shine

Many of our clients have their boats in marinas and boatyards here in Alderney The channel Islands and along the South Coast BUT actually live some distance away.  We are competent and experienced in taking responsibility for clients’ boats in their absence, and maintaining them in accordance with their requirements.

A boat that's cleaned by our service

Residential Cleaning

If you got messy kids. This is a highly recommended service for you. Fire & Flood Damage also undertaken. Also Emergency Service available.

Ceiling Shine

When cleaning, we remove all the stains that could have come from grease and dust or even from other pollutants. When servicing, we expertly clean molds and emissions of carbon for the HVAC. This has helped many customers who were even thinking of how to replace ceilings that could have otherwise been expensive. After we offer these ceiling cleaning services, the premises appear more appealing, they look new and healthier. It is part of our service to offer more than what the customer asked for.


Car Shine

Regular car cleaning and maintenance is essential for individuals and commercial businesses to optimise the value, and life of their vehicles.

An excellent interior and exterior vehicle appearance makes driving an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Ironing Service

At The Shine Company Ironing service. A full ironing service is tailored to the customers requirements.

We provide ironing and all other laundry services in Alderney The channel Islands. We also cover all local towns and villages within this region.


Holiday Home Management

Here at the Shine Company Caravan cleaning is one of our specialties. If you dream of walking into an immaculate caravan without having the necessary time to clean, The Shine Company Cleaning Services is ready to help. Our cleaners cover a wide range of tasks to free up your time so you can concentrate on the important things in life – relaxing, family, friends, career, and hobbies.

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Service

The Shine Company have received a number of inquiries from customers about what we can do to help, especially as it is likely in the coming weeks that a lot of buildings will either have staff members or visitors bringing Coronavirus into them; we can therefore offer a deep cleaning service Commercial Coronavirus Deep Clean.