Carshine service

The Shine Company Carshine service

Regular car cleaning and maintenance is essential for individuals and commercial businesses to optimise the value, and life of their vehicles.

An excellent interior and exterior vehicle appearance makes driving an enjoyable and relaxing experience.


Whatever your views on valeting, there are many good reasons why you should have your car valeted regularly, not least of which is to prevent the onset of rust and corrosion. It should also be stated that valeting should not be considered a once a year event or somethiing which is carried out only on special occasions.

It is a commitment which should be a regular occurrence. Then and only then will you benefit not only from the pride you will feel knowing your car is in pristine condition, but you will also own a vehicle which will be worth more at the time you come to change it

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  • Highest professional quality up to commercial standards
  • Friendly efficient personal service
  • All work guaranteed
  • Competitive and affordable prices, with no hidden extra costs.